About the course

The intention of this course is to help you cultivate somatic mindfulness and a deep sense of grounding. This course is perfect for beginners and for anyone who wants to nurture their relationship with their body and soul.

Within the course, you will:

  • get introduced to the sun salutations in detail
  • learn different breathing methods (pranayama)
  • get a peek into yoga philosophy
  • cultivate somatic mindfulness and explore how that supports you in intuitively moving your body
  • build strength, balance & body control


The classes will take place 

live via Zoom every Tuesday 7.30 – 8.30 pm CET, 
beginning June 30,

and will be available the next day on Thinkific for replay. If you can’t make the live date, you can still join in! A video of each live class will be uploaded the next day to Thinkific and from then on, you’ll have unlimited access to the videos.

You find the entry link for the first class under “Week 1 — Foundation”.

After each class, there will be room for questions.

Course content


Please note that I do not offer any refunds.

If you have any questions or doubts, if this course is what you are looking for, I am more than happy to have an exchange about it. Don't hesitate to contact me! hello@wild-core.net