Conscious Communication & Somatic Intelligence

The invisible web that connects us all

Communication is the network that connects us all. How we perceive, speak, express ourselves, how we communicate with others depends on many factors. From the upbringing we received, the culture we grew up in, individual experiences, to intergenerational trauma—all of these (and probably many more factors) shape the way we behave and connect with others. Often we are not aware of these imprints and our interactions with others are controlled by automatic, unconscious mechanisms or reactive behaviour. This can lead to conflicts, undesirable situations or the seemingly endless repetition of destructive behaviour patterns.
Sounds familiar?

Communication and somatic intelligence skills are key for personal and social transformation

Becoming aware of our conditioning, our patterns and projections can initiate an incredibly powerful shift in our perception and attitude. Through regular practice of the simple but profound contact and communication exercises and through the training of the integral awareness of body, psyche & emotions you learn to anchor yourself confidently in your authentic being.

I see Conscious Communication & Somatic Intelligence not only as a practice for personal development but as a valuable foundation for embodied activism. Learning to show up authentically, to speak our truth, to be able to communicate needs and boundaries, to be empathetic with ourselves and those around us — these are all essential abilities to transform not only our personal experience but to shape the world around us.

About the format

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We will meet weekly for 6 live group sessions via Zoom. This is NOT a theory course. Classes are interactive, include partner exercises, open group sharing and each session includes a section of somatic practice. Classes won’t be recorded!

We will meet Tuesdays at 7.30pm — 21pm CET / 19:30 — 21:00 Uhr CET on the following dates:


If you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact me via I'm looking forward to co-create, learn, play & grow with you!

Who is this course for?

  • Do you want to become aware of your conditioning and automatisms so that you can be more conscious in conversations & conflicts?

  • Are you tired of getting into repetitive conflict situations (with yourself or others)?

  • Do you want to learn to understand your own body language and that of others?

  • Do you want to move from reactivity into integrity?

  • Do you appreciate a safe space where you can practice speaking your truth, being authentic and vulnerable?

  • Do you want to learn to ask for what you really want?

  • Do you want to practice saying NO and become a boundary boss?

  • Do you want to train your ability to empathize and learn how to transform conflicts?

  • Do you want to practice being unapologetically YOU?

If you feel a FUCK YES in your body in response to these questions, then this course is for you! If you feel a “that sounds interesting but I'm kinda scared” this is for you too!

Within the course we will explore the following topics:

  • The different levels of perception and communication

  • Recognising and communicating needs & boundaries

  • Holding space for challenging emotions and conflicts

  • Basics of self-regulation and state management (How to deal with triggers / fight, flight, freeze responses.)

  • The nature of conflicts & conflict transformation.

  • The art of listening.

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Pricing options

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About the Facilitator

Janina Schwager

Being born into a world that is driven by money and mania of industrial growth, undermined by destructive behaviour towards ourselves and this beautiful planet that we are sharing with so many other precious beings—not being able to comprehend these destructive ways of interacting—I started questioning the way we operate as humans from a young age.

Stepping into my first yoga class in 2012 initiated a process of shedding the many layers of an image that I had created of myself. The beginning of an inward journey: a journey of becoming aware and unlearning at the same time. Likewise, an outward journey—from frantic Berlin city life, to one year living in an ashram, into a life in nature.

After spending years of intensively studying the inner worlds, I am currently especially interested in how to bring the inner & outer work together. How do we not only heal ourselves, individually but create life-enhancing & supportive communities for all beings? I am passionate about exploring the interface between the spiritual, the individual, the political & the collective as I believe it is crucial that we, the people, start to take responsibility and create the world that we wish for.

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