Authentic & Ethical Marketing

This 1,5h online workshop is for individuals who seek authentic & aligned ways to promote their work.

It's probably no secret that especially in the field of healing arts and the “alternative” community there is some sense of distaste for advertising roaming around. I myself went through a tedious process with this topic — coming from a background of communication design studies & having worked for a Berlin start-up in the marketing team, to turning my back on / completely dismissing the whole industry and solely focus on yoga & the inner work, to now bringing it all together.

The Authentic & Ethical Marketing class is not a usual marketing lecture. It is an interactive workshop in which we will be addressing possible resistance and limiting beliefs around the topic and like in all of my workshops, we will work with the body.

Next live workshop: Monday, 5th of October, 7.30pm CET (Berlin time)

Who is this workshop for?

  • Do you feel a resistance to the topic of marketing?

  • Are you tired of sleazy and manipulative marketing methods?

  • Are you looking for inspiration on how to bring more creativity and ease into your marketing flow?

  • Are you curious how embodiment principles can be incorporated into the way you promote your work?

  • Are you ready to turn your marketing process into an actually nourishing practice?

If these points resonate, the workshop is for you!

About the format

The Authentic and Ethical Marketing workshop will take place: 

live via Zoom on Monday, the 5th of October 19:30h CET (Berlin time).

The day after, the recording will be available on the course platform for replay with access for unlimited time.
I highly recommend you to participate in the live workshop! By participating in the interactive tasks, the learning effect and the depth of experience are amplified.

Also, I love meeting you and connecting in person!

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Authentic & Ethical Marketing

    • Course Overview

    • PDF Workbook

    • Live Session Recording

    • Live Session Recording

Variable Price Options

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Practical orientation guide:
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Janina Schwager

Janina Schwager

Being born into a world that is driven by money and mania of industrial growth, undermined by destructive behaviour towards ourselves and this beautiful planet that we are sharing with so many other precious beings—not being able to comprehend these destructive ways of interacting—I started questioning the way we operate as humans from a young age.

Stepping into my first yoga class in 2012 initiated a process of shedding the many layers of an image that I had created of myself. The beginning of an inward journey: a journey of becoming aware and unlearning at the same time. Likewise, an outward journey—from frantic Berlin city life, to one year living in an ashram, into a life in nature.

After spending years of intensively studying the inner worlds, I am currently especially interested in how to bring the inner & outer work together. How do we not only heal ourselves, individually but create life-enhancing & supportive communities for all beings? I am passionate about exploring the interface between the spiritual, the individual, the political & the collective as I believe it is crucial that we, the people, start to take responsibility and create the world that we wish for.

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