The EarthBody Studies

The Body is our Home, just like Earth is our Home.

This self-study online course, composed of Embodiment & Nature Connection practices, serves to bring you home.

The EarthBody Studies give you the framework to explore your relationship with your body and nature and let you experience, how you can use these two sources — Body & Earth — and your intuitive interaction with them, to become a grounding & centering practice in your everyday life, just like a yoga or meditation.

While it carries the title “online course” none of the exercises are actually done online or in front of your computer, no worries. The course consists of exercises and instructions, in audio & text form, that guide you step by step to cultivate a vivid sense of body-awareness and into an intuitive way of interacting with your own body, as well as inviting you to sharpen your perception and understanding of the natural world in your surrounding, wherever you are.

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Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Opening Ritual & The Intentional Space

    • PDF: Opening Ritual — Reflection Questions

    • Capturing your Intention

    • Weekly Alignment Ritual

    • PDF: Weeky Alignment Sheet

  • 3


    • Breathing

    • Inner & Outer Awareness

  • 4


    • Introduction — Embodiment Practices

    • Intuitive Tending — Establishing Oneself (C1)

    • To Stand – Mountain Pose (C2)

    • To Lie – Corpse Pose (C3)

    • Bodyscan (C1)

    • Body Map (C2)

    • Gravity (S)

    • Intuitive Movement (S)

    • Sensing the Body (C1)

    • Self-Massage (C2)

    • Naked (S)

    • Body Marriage Ritual (S)

    • The Witness & The Mover (S)

  • 5


    • Introduction — Nature Connection Practices

    • Find your Place (C1)

    • Place Scan — Awareness of Interbeing (C2)

    • Allies (C)

    • Altar (C)

    • Tree Sitting Ritual (S)

    • Story of Place (S)

    • Plant Affair (C)

    • Merging with the Landscape (S)

    • Waterbody (S)

    • Questions to an Animal (S)

    • A letter from Gaia (S)

    • Relationship with Fire (S)

  • 6


    • Closing Ritual

    • Sharing your Experience

  • 7

    Resources & Credits

    • Resources & Credits

For who is this course?

  • People who want to build a profound & nourishing relationship with their body

  • People who are seeking grounding & centering practices for everyday life

  • People who want to develop a new sense of interacting and being aware of the natural world around them

  • Facilitators of Embodiment work who seek inspiration for how to shift their practices to more nature-based realms

  • Facilitators of Nature Connection experiences who want to deepen their understanding of body & movement, and how to integrate it Nature Connection work


Although the shared practices are very simple, some of them can have a profound effect. If you suffer of severe trauma or any kind of mental disorder, unsure if you would be able to care for yourself if challenging emotions or memories arose, I advise against from doing this course without supervision. If you are in treatment, I recommend discussing with your therapist which of the exercises are suitable for you.


The course is designed in a way that it can be implemented in 4 — 6 weeks. You have complete freedom in planning the course, moving through it in your own pace and you will receive a supporting framework in form of PDF sheets to organize your sessions and stay enganged.


Please note that I do not offer any refunds. Once the course is purchased you have immediate access to all lessons and downloads. I have no control over of what people may have already downloaded or saved. I hope you understand.

If you have any questions or doubts, if this course is what you are looking for, I am more than happy to have an exchange about it. Don't hesitate to contact me!